Poledance courses

Learn a whole choreography at ElitePole’s poledance courses

We offer courses in pole dance for great prices. During the course you will work carefully with a whole choreography, details, performance skills and much more. This is the perfect opportunity for you who would like to join the same class with the same students every week. The instructor will get to know the individual and personal level of every student week after week, which is very beneficial for your learning process.

About ElitePole's poledance courses

Get the benefits of joining a weekly class and learn a whole choreography, get to know the other students on the class better week after week and work with specific details and performance techniques. The instructor will get to know your level and strengths better week after week, which will help you to progress. Poledance courses is great for you who would like to attend a class on the same day and at the same time every week and with the same people everytime, which create a safe and confortable atmosphere for many students.

The last week of the course is the performance week. This means that you are welcome to invite friends and family to the studio to see you perform the choreography you learned during the course. At the performance week there will allways be a special theme for costumes, hair etc. It’s allways a great learning experience to perform in front of a small audience in a safe atmosphere.

You can either combine our courses with one of our monthly memberships, or you can join our courses seperately with no membership. It is all up to you and your needs of training. If you miss out on one of the practices it’s no problem , but we do encourage you to join every week during the course. If you miss more than 2 times it will be difficult to keep up, since you will learn new a part of the dance each time.

Course description 

Pole dance course for alle levels – new courses will be announced during 2018

The style is classic pole dance, which is feminine and sensual. The dance is choreographed to dance with pole dance shoes on, but you can attend without shoes as well. All levels from beginners to advanced can attend this course. We will focus on performance skills, stage presence, choreography and dancing.

More info about new courses in 2018 will be up soon

  • Start: 2018
  • Duration: 55 min. – 8 times.
  • Instructor: TBA

Course prices 

7 week course

with membership
450kr./in total
  • * 1 weekly class
  • * No sign up fee
  • * 450 kr. for the whole period
  • * Must be paid ahead

7 week course

without membership
850kr./in total
  • * 1 weekly class
  • * No sign up fee
  • * 850 kr. for the whole period
  • * Must be paid ahead