Instructor course

Learn how to teach a pole fitness class safely and effectively

ElitePole offer an intensive instructor course, which is for you who would like to work carefully with basic pole fitness techniques or/and learn to teach pole fitness classes. During this course you will learn to teach pole fitness techniques, learn about safety, equipment, warm ups, music interpretation, anatomi, the responsibility as an instructor and much more. You can join this course no matter your current pole level and no matter if you have any former teaching experience or not.

About ElitePole's instructor course

Our instructor course is held over 3 weekends during a 2 month period. The course is a mix of theory and practical teaching, homework during the whole period and a written and a practical exam. During this basic instructor course you will acquire all the necessary teaching techniques – and the basic knowledge it takes to teach a safe and effectively pole fitness class for beginners. You will create the basic foundation as an instructor and learn the tools it takes to teach in pole fitness. Please note that the course is not about your own training, but about learning how to teach others. All levels can attend the course, but you must have a strong basic technique on the pole.

An example of the time schedule for the course

What you get:

  • Intensive knowledge about all beginner spins, exits, transitions and grips.
  • Intensive knowledge about pole fitness warm ups, joint warm ups and how to use your voice effectively.
  • Music interpretation when you teach, how to plan a class and choreo.
  • Basic anatomi and physiologi.
  • Intensive knowledge about equipment, safety and responsibilities.
  • Spotting technique, cuing, how to prevent injuries and injury procedures.
  • Knowledge about communication, motivation and your role as an instructor.
  • Ongoing feedback and evaluation.
  • Instructor certificate and an online document with all the basic exercises.

About the exam:

  • To pass the exam you must have been present during the whole course. If you are missing any planned teaching during the course you can catch up on what you have missed by taking private classes with the instructor. Private classes are not incl. the total price for the course, but must be paid seperately if necessary. If you are more people who have missed the same part of the course, you can share the private classes with no extra costs.
  • If you are not passing the exam, you can schedual to do the exam again with an instructor. Everytime you are taking the exam again you will be charged for 1 private class pr. exam.
  • You must pass the exam to get the instructor certificate.


for the whole course
  • *Must be paid ahead

Private class

during the course
400kr. pr. hour
  • * Catch up / extra exam