Events for students

ElitePole is more than just daily training

At ElitePole we regularly hold different events for our students. Many of our events are part of our regular traditions and a great joy for our students. For us – and many of our students pole fitness and pole dance more than just training. It’s a culture and a lifestyle build on unity, progress, personal victories, friendships and mutual support – all aspects that our events and traditions help to develop and support.
Here you can read about some of the arrangements, you can enjoy as a member/student of ElitePole.

Miss ElitePole

Miss ElitePole is our annual competition for the students of the ElitePole studio’s and is the most anticipated night of the year! A friendly competition that brings students closer to each other, and where all levels and styles in pole dance can join. The participants are not only judged on tricks and execution, but also to a high degree on creativity, costume design and stage present. The participants compete for the annual title “Miss ElitePole”! The “Miss ElitePole” of the year is the overall winner of the competion, and the competitor which has the most points in total. This night is always a unique blend of great experiences, creativity, surprises and a fantastic atmosphere. The competition is held in our studio in CPH. NV. every spring. You are very welcome as a spectator, though you are not a part of Elitepole.

Showcase at the studio

Ever since ElitePole opened, our showcases in the studio have been very popular among the students and instructors. The entrance tickets are always sold out in advance for these nights, which are filled with excitement, personal victories, mutual support, inspiration and a great atmosphere. This is a fantastic opportunity to challenge yourself, improve your skills and have a personal victory by performing your own show. We arrange showcases 3-4 times a year, where members have the opportunity to show each other and their friends, families and loved ones, what all the hard training can lead to. The students, who want to, are performing a show that they have prepared, practiced and choreoraphed themselves. We also have performances with the choreographies that have been taught on the dance classes at both studios, and you will also get to see a little teaser for what you can learn in the dance classes the following weeks in the studios. The show ends with perfomances from the instructors, and afterwards there is time for a chat and a drink from the bar. If you are not a member of ElitePole, you are very welcome to participate as a spectator.

Pole flea marked at the studio

Our pole flea marked is the first one of it’s kind in Denmark and currently the only one. The pole flea marked differs from a regular flea marked by only having pole dance clothes, pole dance equipment, training equiment and other pole related objects. Our pole flea marked is held annually the first sunday of December, and is a nice day where a lot of people come to the studio to buy new pole equipment at a good price, to sell what they don’t use, or simply to enjoy the good atmosphere. Everyone is welcome to set up a booth for a small amount and everyone is welcome to come and make a good bargain.

Workshops & courses

At regular intervals we host a variety of workshops with international and recognized artists and national instructors with special capabilities. We also host a variety of courses on different and relevant topics. Previously have e.g. had international workshops with Cleo the Hurricane from Australia, Jamilla Deville from USA and Anastasia Stukhtorova as well as Eva Bembo from Russia, to name a few. We also have had workshops in acro yoga, Twerk workshop with the “Twerk Queen” of Denmark and many international instructor courses through Xpert with teachers from the UK.

Be notified when we have an event

If you’re a member at ElitePole, you will recieve a mail from us with sign up information etc. when there is an event on it’s way in the studio. You can also keep an eye on our Facebook group for members /students, as events will also be posted here. In your welcome e-mail you received when you signed up, you can find a direct link to this group.
If you are not a member, you can sign up for our newsletter and be notified directly when we have workshops, courses or other events. We send out our newsletter once a month typically. Our newsletter informs you abut the news in the studio, coming events, relevant offers and competitions. You can unsubscribe from out newsletter at any time if you want.

2018 calendar for ElitePole
  • - 11-03-2018: OPEN HOUSE AT ELITEPOLE CPH. S
  • - 24-03-2018: STUDENT SHOWCASE -SOLD OUT
  • - 12-05-2018: MISS ELITEPOLE 2018 - SOLD OUT