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To sign up for a monthly membership in one of our studios is quick and easy so you can start training instantly  – or whenever it suits you.
We look forward to training with you and welcoming you at ElitePole.

Membership contract

Here you can read our membership contract in Danish and English before you sign up.
Please note that all terms and conditions in the contract are listed under “members terms”, when you sign up online.

Are you under 18 years of age?

If you are below the age of 18 years, you must print the membership contract, fill it out and have your parent or guardian sign on the contract and hand it in first time you show up in the studio. If you do not comply we cannot let you participate in the classes or sign you up as a member due to legal restrictions.

Benefits from training pole dance and pole fitness

 A more toned and trained body

√ A physically stronger body

 Improved coordination

 Better stamina

  Musicality and a better music appreciation

 Closer contact with your feminine side

 Improved self esteem

 Increase in mental capacity

Increased quality of life

 Being part of a social network with the same interest

√ Better goal orientation

√ Overcoming personal boundaries

 Increased flexibility in the whole body

 Better balance and control of your body

 A balanced relationship to your own body

√ Cleaning the body of waste products

 Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

√ Reduced risk of stress