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We are following the guidelines from the danish government for your safety. Please read the following before you visit us:

  • You must disinfect your hands as soon as you enter the studio
  • It is not allowed to stay in the studio before/after classes
  • You must arrive dressed for the class and go straight to the classroom
  • Classes are temporarily only 45 min. because we must disinfect after each class
  • When we disinfect the studio, everyone must leave the studio. Also, if you are on the next class.
  • Please always bring a clean towel
  • Temporarily we do not provide spotting or any partner exercises
  • Temporarily we do not provide mats, yoga blocks, belts etc. We encourage you to bring your own mat
  • It is not allowed to share any equipment (like poles)
  • Please avoid close face to face interaction
  • Keep distance as good as possible
  • You are not allowed to enter the studio if you have any Covid-19 symptoms. If you get Covid-19 symptoms during a class, you must immediately leave
  • No matter what membership you have you have temporarily access to book classes in all ElitePole studio’s in our start up after the Covid-19 lockdown

When you click on “Book a try out class”, you will be asked to fill out your information and pay for the class. When the payment is done, you will recieve an email from us with your login and info. You will then have 1 booking that is valid in all of our studio’s and in all classes for one month. Login and book the class you wish as your try out class.
If you sign up for a monthly membership we will refund your payment for the trial class. Just use the discount code we email you.
NB the discount code can not be used if you get an offer that gives you a higher discount than the value of the discount code. 

Transport to ElitePole
Rentemestervej 64, 2400 CPH. NV.

The studio is easy to reach and has free parking in our own courtyard.
Nørrebro station – 7 min. walking distance/ bus 5a and 350s – 4 min. walking distance from Hulgårdsplads / highway exit Tuborgvej – 3 min by car.

Transport to ElitePole
Prags Boulevard 49, 2300 CPH. S.

The studio is easy to reach with free parking on the road outside.
Lergravsparken st. metro + bus 77 and 78 – 6 min walking distance / Bus 2a – 2 min walking distance from Holmbladsgade/Prags Boulevard / highway exit Tårnby – 7 min by car

Transport to ElitePole
Skalbakken 8B, 27200 Vanløse

The studio is easy to reach with public transport and by car. Unlimited free parking infront of the studio and on the road. Vanløse st. metro = 2 min. by bus/10 min. walk. Jyllinge vej st. = 1 min. by bus / 8 min walk. Bus 9A, 12, 13 + 22 = 2 min walk from Jyllingevej bus stop