Aerial hoop in Copenhagen

Aerial hoop is an extremely effective workout for the whole body

We offer aerial hoop in Copenhagen for all levels. Our experienced instructors will allways regulate the level of the class to match the participants, and you will be challenged in the classes no matter if you are a beginner og advanced an aerial hoop student. This workout really will improve your balance, body control and your strength throughout the whole body.

What is aerial hoop?

Aerial hoop is original from the circus, where acrobats for years have performed aerial hoop for the audience. Aerial hoop is a hoop hanging from the ceilings in a rope. The hoop is about 90-100 cm and have no contact with the floor at all. The hoop is constantly moving when you use it, which will give your balance a great boost and make every movement challenging. Aerial hoop in Copenhagen is very popular among beginners and people who have experience with poledance or other aerial workouts.

Try aerial hoop in Copenhagen

In our aerial hoop classes 2 people will share a hoop since it’s beneficial to be able to help each other in many of the exercises. You are welcome no matter if you have experience with aerial hoop, poledance, acrobatics or no experience at all. In our aerial hoop classes in Copenhagen we encourage you to wear a long sleeved t shirt and tights since this will protect your skin from the hoop during the class.

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