Poledance in Copenhagen

Poledance is an amazing form of fitness for all ages, men and women

We offer the perfect classes for you no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced poledancer. Pole dance has become very popular in Denmark and across the world as a mainstream fitness form. Both women and men in all ages and shapes are enjoying the benefits from pole dance. Poledance really is for everyone and we have all kinds of people joining our classes. This training is based on a variety of basic exercises that will build up your strength, your techniques, balance and body control.

What is poledance?

Throughout history poledance has been known by many different cultures, but is now becoming a more and more mainstream form of fitness and art of dance. Poledance will build up your strength throughout the whole body, improve your balance, body control and mental wellbeing. Pole dance in Copenhagen is very popular, and you will learn to link exercises on the pole together in a flow to music as an artform and a way to express yourself. In our pole dance classes in Copenhagen you will learn poledance techniques and pole dance choreography which will develop your skills to another level step by step.

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We know everyone is different, and everyone progresses at a different pace and starts from a different background. No journey is the same, which is why we always look at your individual progress and needs. Our instructors are trained experts in doing so. This will ensure you get the most out of your training. We offer classes for all levels, so there is the right class for everyone and the perfect foundation to progress safely at your own pace. Your training progress is about learning new techniques, shapes on the pole, building strength and being able to perform it gracefully and fluent. We always have space for new beginners, and offer beginners classes several times a day.

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