Flexibility training in Copenhagen

In our daily flexibility classes you will safely improve your flexibility and strength in your body

At ElitePole we teaches our flexibility classes several times a day, and our skilled instructors will guide you safely through the whole class. This workout will improve your strength, flexibility and burn calories. Many people also join these classes to prevent injuries or reduce stress. Everyone are welcome to join no matter if you have never trained flexibility before or if you have lots of experience with this training. When we teach our flexibility classes in Copenhagen we work with many different streching techniques from yoga, gymnastics and ballet, and we work with many different types of stretches. Our flexibility classes are very popular, and many people uses these classes as their only workout. You can also use the classes to improve your performances in orter sports.

What is flexibility?

Flexibility classes is teaching in different types of stretches that will improve your flexibility, strength and mental well being. We encourage you to wear warm training clothes to keep the body and joints warm, and it can be benficial to wear kneepads or leg warmers to protect your knees. On our Facebook group for students we have a monthly flexibility plan for what muscles we will stretch every single day.

Join the flexibility classes in Copenhagen

Flexibility training is a process that requires time and the right training and teaching. This is why we have a structured flexibility plan for all of our flexibility classes with many different types of streches and new muscle groups and focus areas every day. Improved flexibility will reduce injuries and improve your performance in others sports since your range of motion will improve as well. In our flexibility classes in Copenhagen we will  make sure that you slowly and safely will achieve a greater well being in general, and this kind of training is very important if you are a dancer, a poledancer or have a job where you sit down for hours.

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