Twerk in Copenhagen

Twerk classes for everyone no matter your experience

At ElitePole we offer twerk classes for all levels. We teach many different twerk techniques, and we always make sure that the class is suited for everyone’s level. Twerk in Copenhagen is always a great experience and workout, and you will leave the class feeling happier and energized.  We believe that training should be both fun and effective.

What is twerking?

Twerking has it’s original roots in African tribal dance, but is now well known from music videos, stage performances and social media. Twerk has now become a more and more popular workout as an alternative to dance classes and fitness. To wear we recommend a pair of shorts or relaxed pants. It’s important not to wear anything tight since you need as much freedom of movement as possible when you twerk.

Twerk classes in Copenhagen is a great experience

Many of our students are getting a renewed relationship to themselves since you will push some personal boundaries. The results from attending twerk classes in Copenhagen is therefore not only physical, but mental as well. We always create a positive and safe environment in class, so you will get a positive experience and have the best learning environment.  Twerk in Copenhagen is also a great activity with your friends since you will get a fun experience together and a great workout at the same time. Many try twerk for the first time at a bachelorette party and then sign up to for our regular classes. It’s very popular to combine twerk classes with our other classes such as poledance, aerial hoop or flexibility.

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