Instructor education

Become a certified pole fitness instructor

ElitePole offers an intensive instructor education, which is for you who would like to become a certified pole fitness instructor. The instructor education  is also for you who would like to become a better pole fitness instructor. Become trained in how to teach pole fitness classes safely, effectively & professionally. In this instructor training program you will work carefully in the depth with teaching basic pole fitness techniques, and develop your skills as a pole fitness instructor. You will learn about safety, equipment, warmups, teaching structures, anatomy, the responsibility and role as an instructor and much more.

About ElitePole’s pole fitness instructor education

We have been educating pole fitness instructors since 2012, and we are the most experienced pole fitness instructor education in Denmark. Our instructor training program includes everything a competent pole instructor needs to learn. The participants often do not only experience to progress into great future pole fitness instructors, but they also experience to grow on a personal and professional level. The education is working in depth, is intensive and developing.

ElitePole’s instructor training program is built around a series of modules that consist of theoretical teaching, practical learning, individual feedback, self study and exams. The education is a fundamental instructor training where you will acquire all the basic knowledge and skills within teaching fitness classes in general, as well as learning specific teaching techniques within pole fitness. Specifically, you will learn exactly how to teach pole fitness beginner classes and intermediates, and we built the needed foundation to be a competent and professional instructor. Note that the course is not about your own training, but about learning to be able to teach others, where dissemination and communication are the focus.

Everyone who is strong in pole beginner moves and techniques can sign up to the education. No former teaching experience is necessary to attend. The education will might be in English accordingly after  if there are English speaking participants.

The teaching requires physical attendance and will take place at ElitePole in Vanløse. If you live far away and do not have the opportunity to participate physically, there is also the option of online participation in the entire education. This must be agreed in advance. Contact us to hear more.

What you get

  • Intensive knowledge about all beginner spins, moves, exits, transitions and grips.
  • Intensive knowledge about pole fitness warm ups, joint warmups and how to use your voice effectively.
  • Music interpretation when you teach, how to plan a class and light choreo.
  • Basic anatomy training (online)
  • Intensive knowledge about equipment, safety and responsibilities
  • Spotting technique, cuing, how to prevent injuries and safety procedures
  • Knowledge about communication and motivation
  • Practice in actual teaching and feedback
  • Ongoing personal feedback and evaluation
  • Instructor certificate and a document with all the exercises

About the exam

  • In order to pass the exam, it is a requirement that you have attended in all the training during the education. If you miss smaller parts of the training, you can possibly make up for the missed hours by arranging private lessons with the instructor. If you miss large parts of the training, you cannot complete the education or pass the exam.
  • Any private tuition for missed tuition is not included in the total amount for the education, and will be charged extra per started hour.
  • If you are not passing the exam, you can schedule to do the exam again with an instructor.
  • Every time you are taking the exam again you will be charged for 1 private class pr. exam.
  • You must pass the exam to get the instructor certificate.

Good to know

  • The weekends where the teaching are scheduled are extremely intensive days, and it is expected that you do not have any other plans during these weekends, but rather that you spend all your time and focus on the education these weekends
  • Teaching experience is not a requirement or a necessity to be able to participate in the training
  • You must be able to perform beginner pole exercises very well and have good experience in being a student in pole classes
  • If you lose parts of the training, you will not be reimbursed for parts of/all of the payment. This also applies if you do not complete the education/do not pass the exam.


There is now open to sign up for the education that start in October 2023

We hold our instructor education 1-2 times a year. Please note that there are limited places, and we will therefore close the registration when there are no more spots left. 

Here you can see the education plan, which consists of these modules:


  • Saturday 14-10-2023

    Time: 11.00-19.00 
    Place: Skalbakken 8B, Vanløse
    Teachers: Marie Kolstrup + Louise Gade
    Topics: Injury prevention, safety, equipment, fundamental knowledge and instructor theory, warm ups

  • Sunday 15-10-2023

    Time: 11.00-19.00 
    Place: Skalbakken 8B, Vanløse
    Teachers: Marie Kolstrup + Camilla Brandt
    Topics: Warm ups, strength and conditioning, motivation, being present, home tasks to self study


  • Saturday 28-10-2023

    Time: 11.00-19.00 
    Place: Skalbakken 8B, Vanløse
    Teachers: Marie Kolstrup + Nynne Thorsbro
    Indhold: Teaching experience, voice training, beginner exercises, beginner spins

    Sunday 29-10-2023

  • Time: 11.00-19.00 
    Place: Skalbakken 8B, Vanløse
    Teachers: Marie Kolstrup + Nynne Thorsbro
    Topics: Teaching experience, voice training, beginner exercises, beginner spins, invert training, home tasks to self study


  • Saturday 11-11-2023

    Time: 11.00-19.00 
    Place: Skalbakken 8B, Vanløse
    Teacher: Marie Kolstrup
    Topics: Beginner choreography, spinning pole, cool down, exercises for intermediates

  • Sunday 12-11-2023

    Time: 12.00-17.00 
    Place: Skalbakken 8B, Vanløse
    Teacher: Marie Kolstrup
    Topics: Exams, individual feedback, evaluating, certificates, rounding off



for the full education
4999kr. in total
  • * Must be paid ahead
  • * Get the total payment done


in small parts
  • * 1999 must be paid ahead
  • * Then 500 kr. pr. month in 6 months

Privat Privat class

during the education
499kr. pr. hour
  • * Must be paid for missed teaching
  • * Must be paid for extra exams


  • When splitting your payment up you will split the payment up in small rates during the upcoming 6 months. You must pay 1999 kr. to get a spot on the education, and from the the smaller rates at 500 kr. each will be deducted automatically from your account with PBS the following 6 months.
  • The payment is non refundable. This also applies in case of any missed teaching, no show, illness, injuries or anything else that stops the attendance from taking part in the teaching on the education or do not pass the exam.

Former participants

I can definitely highly recommend ElitePole’s instructor education. As a student you will be guided through a well structured program by competent and sympathetic teachers, where there is both room for challenges, development and socialising. Overall an excellent experience that I definitely can recommend ” – Nynne T.

An intensive and learningfull education, which prepares you well as a future instructor. You learn specific exercises, and how you carefully teach them. You will be teached in anatomy, which gives you a great understanding of how the body works, and you will progress in explaining exercises and prevent injuries. The teachers are competent, and I was in very safe hands ” – Louise J.

I did not only learn to teach and become an instructor, but I actually also learnt new things about myself during the course. The feedback we got from the teachers was very constructive and useful, and my boundaries moved in a positive way, which led to that I now feel ready to have the full responsibility for a class and teach others ” – Nanna H.