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What is poledance?

Pole dance and pole fitness is a highly efficient form of training that has become popular all over the world among both men and women. Pole dance and pole fitness suits all kinds of people regardless of age, size, gender, body type etc. Everyone can reap the benefits of this form of training, that is a functional training where you will build an outstanding strength throughout the whole body, which is difficult to gain through many other forms of training. There are many different genres in pole dance and pole fitness, as it can be characterized by a focus on the fitness aspects or on the dance and choreography aspects. Pole dance can be sporty, sensual, feminine, masculine or something completely different. We offer pole classes within all the different genres, and this makes poledance a very broad form of training that hereby suits many different people. Our pole classes can address every taste with it’s diversity of expressions.

Pole dance & pole fitness in Copenhagen

In our pole dance studios in Copenhagen we offer pole dance and pole fitness classes, with the possibility of training in all classes for prices from only 279 kr. per month. With our concept, you can start whenever it suits you and come to training as many times a week as you feel like it. Thereby you can do as many others, and choose pole dance and pole fitness as your primary form of training, instead of e.g. a fitness center, and then quickly achieve good results and build strength and flexibility from consistent practice. We offer daily pole classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. We also offer pole dance and pole fitness classes in a variety of different genres. For example, some of our pole classes are focused on the dance aspect while other classes are characterized by the fitness aspects. We believe that the versatility of this form of training is among the things that make pole dance and pole fitness such a great form of training and gives our students great joy by being able to try several different styles from this training form.

Benefits from training pole dance and pole fitness

 A more toned and trained body

√ A physically stronger body

 Improved coordination

 Better stamina

  Musicality and a better music appreciation

 Closer contact with your feminine side

 Improved self-esteem

 Increase in mental capacity

Increased quality of life

 Being part of a social network with the same interest

√ Better goal orientation

√ Overcoming personal boundaries

 Increased flexibility in the whole body

 Better balance and control of your body

 A balanced relationship to your own body

√ Clean the body of waste products

 Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

√ Reduced risk of stress