Children’s classes

Pole fitness classes for children at ElitePole

Most children in all ages love pole fitness since the pole is an amazing tool for exercise, playing, acrobatics and dancing. Through pole fitness children are strengthening their motor skills, ability to focus, listen, koncentrate and much more. But most important – they are having fun! A break from the daily routines with lots of time to play, climbing, laughing, swinging in the poles and making new friends.

About our children's classes

Our children’s classes are running every saturday at 10.15-11.15 at our studio in CPH S. All children in the class will get individual challenges and support after their needs, age and abilities.

The class will allways begin with a good warm up and consist teaching in fun spins and acrobatic moves on the poles. The class will allways end with a cool down with stretching, so everyone is relaxed and calm when we finish the class. Every now and then the class will contain some dancing and choreography as well. The music, the teaching methods and the content in the classes will allways be special planned and organized after the age group.

Parents are welcome to watch the first class. After the first class we will kindly ask parents to wait in the studio or to come back to the studio to pick up when the class is finished. This is because we have limited space when the class is full and to make it easier for the children to keep their focus and koncentration on the teaching. Are your child under the age of 7 years old, we would ask you to stay with your child during the class though.
We would love to invite parents and familily for a children showcase during the year.

Please be aware that we have limited spots on each class. We only have 10 spots in every class, since we want to have good time for each child in the class. So we can not garantee you that we have spots availeble in the classes at the moment, but don’t hesitate to contact us to find out or sign up to the waiting list to get a spot on the class when it’s possible.

Prices for children's classes

Children's trial class

pr. class
50kr./pr. hour
  • * Max. 1 pr. child
  • * Saturdays in CPH. S
  • * Pay in cash at the studio
  • * Age 5-13 yrs.

Children's membership

PBS membership
299kr./pr. month
  • * 1 class every week
  • * Start up fee is 150 kr.
  • * Payment each month
  • * 4 month binding period