Class descriptions

Descriptions of the classes we offer

Classes in pole dance and pole fitness is our core, and we offer a variety of different classes that can support your pole training in different ways, but you can also benefit from these classes even though you don’t practice pole dance. Group classes in flexibility, strength, twerk and aerial hoop are just some of the classes we have to offer. Read more about all the classes we offer below.

Pole Level 1

Pole fitness for beginners

Pole Level 2

Pole fitness for intermediates

Basic Level 2 / Level 3

Pole fitness that preps for a new level

Pole Level 3

Polefitness for advanced


 Flexibility training for all for

Pole Classique

Pole dance choreography

Pole Art

Pole dance choreography

Exotic flow

Pole dance choreography


Choreography for all levels


Twerking for all levels

Aerial hoop

Aerial hoop training for all levels

Strength training

Strength building for all levels

Studio time

Self practice with no intructor