About Marie Kolstrup

 Owner and founder of ElitePole ApS

Marie Kolstrup is running and managing all ElitePole studio’s, and has many years of experience as an instructor, performer, business owner and leader.


Résumé for Marie Koltrup
  • ICANIWILL fitness wear ambassadør (2019-now)
  • Denmark got Talent, Tv2 (2019)
  • Founder of the 3rd ElitePole studio, ElitePole ApS in Vanløse (2019-now)
  • Volkswagen business, Poledancer in their promotion video (2019)
  • TV2 Zulu “Ude af kontrol” twerk instructor for Nikolaj Stokholm (2019)
  • Dancer to music video for “Dansk blindesamfund” with Nikolaj Stokholm (2019)
  • Winner of Pole Queen of Spain, Classique Elite category (2018, Spain)
  • Pole Theatre USA finalist in Classique professional (2018, Georgia USA)
  • Pole Theatre Scandinavia finalist in Classique professional (2018, Sweden)
  • 3rd place to Pole Arnold Spain in Exotic professional (2017, Spain)
  • Guest performance with Anastasia Skukhtorova & Magnus Labbe (2017)
  • Judge at Pole Dance Competition Denmark (2017)
  • Certified twerk instructor by Gal BePole from Israel (2017)
  • Winner of Pole Theatre Scandinavia, Pole Classique Professional (2016, Norway)
  • Overall winner of Pole dance Competition Denmark (2016, Denmark)
  • Winner of Pole dance Competition Denmark, Entertainment professional (2016, Denmark)
  • Overall winner of Pole Theatre Sweden, semi pro (2015, Sweden)
  • Winner of Pole Classique semi pro, Pole Theatre Sweden (2015, Sweden)
  • Additional yoga education DGI, “Hands on” (2015)
  • Founder of the 2nd ElitePole studio, ElitePole ApS in CPH. S. (2015-now)
  • Educated Hatha yoga instructor from DGI (2014)
  • Internationalt certified Xpert pole fitness instructor level 3+4 (2014)
  • Internationalt certified Xpert pole fitness instructor level 1+2 (2013)
  • Basic education in anatomy and physiology from the Fitness Institute (2013)
  • Good morning Denmark, poledance performance (2013)
  • Founder of the 1st ElitePole studio, ElitePole ApS in CPH. NV. (2012-now)
  • Choreographer to stage shows, music videos and various performances (2012-now)
  • Fitness model for Better Bodies and Sony Music (2012)
  • Educating new polefitness – and poledance instructors (2012-now)
  • Manager for dancers to various nightclubs in CPH., business events etc. (2012-2014)
  • Running and managing poledance studio’s (2011-n0w)
  • Co founder of a poledance studie, I/S business (2011-2012)
  • Professional performer in poledance & showdance (fulltime job) (2010-2012)
  • Dancer for various dj’s and artist, such as Joey Moe, Kongsted, Anna David etc. (2010-2014)
  • Teacher in polefitness, poledance and flexibility (2009-now)
  • Bachelor in social work (pædagog), Frøbel seminariet Frederiksberg (2007-2011)