Testimonials from our students

The fantastic atmosphere we have in our studios is a top priority for us, as well as the training should be fun and motivating. Feel free to read what some of our students have to say about their experiences as a student at ElitePole, the training and the community in general.

- Nathalie Otto:
"It's simply the best pole dance studio in Denmark! I have never felt as welcome anywhere as I do at ElitePole, everybody is so nice to each other and supportive, there are girls in all sizes and that's what makes it so fantastic, you cannot feel out of place. I couldn't imagine a studio that was better in any way because ElitePole has some fantastic instructors, 100% the nicest studio and a unique sense of community."

- Mette Spur Behrens:
"ElitePole is definitely the coolest pole dance studio in Denmark!! You can train every day of the week and there is room for all levels. The instructors are really skilled, well educated, friendly and always supportive. The studio is spacious, equipped with all new poles and is always clean and tidy. The ElitePole training clothes are top quality! Definitely 5 stars from me!"

- Bettina Xenia Mauritsen:
"Love training at ElitePole! It's the best and most professional place I have trained!"

- Josefine Larsen:
"ElitePole is, and will always be the best studio in Denmark - It's amazing that you can get such a professional tuition by very skilled instructors at such a low price. It is also worth mentioning how good an atmosphere and sense of community you find among the members. Furthermore, the passion and commitment that characterizes this pole dance studio is very hard to find anywhere else, both with regards pupils and instructors. I hope that everyone who reads this will do themselves a favor and book a trial class to experience all of the above by themselves!"

- Maiken U Kiel:
"Marie Kolstrup, I am hereby your biggest fan to this day! After the class yesterday, I am for the first time in more than half a year, almost free of back pain. Fuck the doctors, the chiropractor and massage therapist I have been with, you just have to train at ElitePole! THANK YOU! And on top of that, the studio has the best atmosphere and amazing instructors, I'm a fan!"

- Christina Rose:
"The coolest pole dance studio in Denmark!!! ElitePole has some fantastic instructors with a great amount of experience. Classes for all levels, 7 days a week. I highly recommend this place!"

- Nadia Roed:
"ElitePole isn't the first pole dance studio I have gone to, but definitely the best and nicest! The schedule is customized according to the wishes of the members so that everyone can take part as many times a week as they want. There is a good amount of space and fantastic instructors to teach the classes. I recommend ElitePole with no hesitations!"

- Nadia Kristensen:
"ElitePole is without a doubt the best poledance studio in Denmark! It has a combination of incredibly skilled instructors, who take their time to teach at the pace of each individual pupil and at the make sure to keep us challenged. In addition, it has the best atmosphere where you can have a laugh with the other pupils as well as the instructors. You are certain to leave with a huge smile, no matter what."

- Isabella-Chantelle Matinuz Constance:
"I want to compliment the whole team behind ElitePole, incl. "the pupils"! Just started my membership last week and I feel so excited every time I'm going down there!  There's just a fantastic atmosphere on the different classes and you feel so welcome you are received with huge smiles and open arms both by the instructors but also other pupils as a "new member". And you can always allow yourself to make yourself heard if you have any doubts in the classes and you'll get help you need + good advice from "old pupils" It is a HUGE difference from the old studio I went to. I love it already!

- Sidsel Stær Hansen:
"Fantastic pole dancestudio with room for everybody regardless of age and experience! Moreover a super schedule with classes every day. Those who consider trying poledance should definitely do it at ElitePole!"

- Christine Nielsen:
"In my opinion, ElitePole is the most fantastic pole dancestudio. Extremely competent and professional instructors, who each provide something completely unique to the classes. A place where serious training and joy is combined. Last but not least, there's an incredible respect towards every pupil's circumstances and level, which helps to make each individual pupil progress in the tempo that fits him/her. The pupils are always the center of attention!"

- Jacqueline Heller Raft:
"The place where you get fit and a good mood at the same time!"