Pole fitness for beginners

Pole Level 1

“Pole Level 1” classes is our beginner pole fitness classes, which is for beginners and if you want a try out class and have never tried pole dance or pole fitness before. In this class you will learn all the basic pole fitness exercises, basic floorwork and build the basic strength and pole fitness technique. You will e.g. learn exercises as the Tease, pole walk, basic spins, climbing the pole, the pole sit etc. You will also learn short pole dance sequences where basic pole moves are put together into one fluid piece with music.

You will have lots of time to learn everything from the beginning at a sensible pace. There are no rules as to how long you can train on “Pole level 1”, as everyone progresses at their own pace in pole fitness. Before you move on to “Pole Level 2”, you will have to ask your instructor if you are ready to move up the next pole fitness level. Please ask before the class begins, so your instructor has a chance to evaluate with you during/after class. When you have moved on to “Pole Level 2”, it is no longer allowed to take “Pole Level 1” classes, in respect of both the “Pole Level 1” pupils and your own progress. In all “Pole level 1” classes we have certain focus areas, that we change every week, so you get a chance to work thoroughly through specific moves for a whole week and get new exercises every week.
What to wear: Regular training clothes that you feel comfortable in. Bring shorts. We train with bare feet.