Pole fitness for intermediates

Pole Level 2

“Pole Level 2” classes are pole fitness for intermediate polerdancers. You will start here when you are completely secure in all the basic pole fitness exercises from “Pole level 1” and have build a good basic strength and pole fitness technique. There will be a good amount of hanging upside down and you will learn pole fitness exercises like Inside leghang, Outside leghang, Princess, Superman, short combinations of tricks etc. This is a technical pole fitness class and the focus is on correct technique, fluid transitions, entrances and exits, details and the ability to put together exercises with fluidity.

Before you move on to “Pole Level 3” you will have to ask your instructor if you are ready to move up the next level. Please ask before the class begins, so your instructor has a chance to evaluate with you during/after class. When you have moved on to “Pole Level 3”, it is no longer allowed to take “Pole Level 2” classes (unless you are injured or have taken a break), in respect of both the “The Pole Level 2” pupils and your own progress. In all “Pole level 2” classes we have certain focus areas, that we change every week, so you get a chance to work thoroughly through specific moves for a whole week and get new exercises every week.

What to wear: Regular training clothes with short shorts and a short top underneath. We train with bare feet. Please ask your instructor if it’s OK if you want to train in pole dance shoes. Regular stilettos are not allowed. Your shoes have to be made specifically for pole dance, be equipped with an ankle band and may not have rivets or other pieces that can damage the pole.