Pole dance choreography

Pole Classique

“Poledance Classique” is a pole dance choreography class for all levels. The style is mostly inspired from Australia (Aussie style) and it is feminin and sensual. We dance with pole dance stilettos in this class, but it’s no problem to take part in bare feet. During the whole pole dance class, the focus will be on the dance aspect, musicality, choreography and the movements in classic pole dance. The exercises on the pole will be at a beginner level, as the dancing is the focus, but you must take at least 10 “Pole Level 1” classes  before taking this class, so you are more comfortable with the basic exercises.

We dance to the same track and work on the same pole dance choreography for 4 to 8 weeks. You can start on this pole dance class anytime it suits you during the month, but please be aware that on the last week of the month we put together the different pieces of the dance we have been practicing during the month. This is a really good class to become more adapt at combining pole moves into a dance, get more in contact with your feminine side and challenge yourself with new – and fun movements.

What to wear: Leggings (please bring shorts also), a regular shirt for training and possibly something to protect your knees, such as knee pads. We dance in pole dance stilettos or bare feet. Please be aware that regular stilettos are not allowed. If you want to wear stilettos they have to be made specifically for pole dance, be equipped with a ankle band and may not have rivets or other pieces that can damage the pole.