Pole dance lesson

Pole dance lessons to Christmas parties, birthdays, business events etc.

Here you will get a fun and challenging lesson in pole dance for your event, where you will have the studio for yourself with one of our instructors. During this class, you will learn different exercises on the pole, which we put together to a feminine dance that we will dance together to the music several times. When everybody feel safe in the practiced choreography, you will try to dance without the instructor, and if you are up for it, the instructor can film you all while you do the dance during the class – but only if you want to of course. The level of the class is at absolute beginner level, so everybody is guaranteed a fun experience!

The structure at the lesson can made be with a fokus on teambuilding excercises, fun competitions, strength moves etc., if you wish. Just let us know if you have any specific wishes. This event is well suited for both male and female groups. We have 10-11 poles in the studio with good space around them, so if you are more than 10/11 participants, you can be 2 persons pr. pole and take turns in dancing. It can be nice to take turns, as pole dancing as an activity that make you sweat.

What to wear: Regular training clothes or clothes that allow you to move freely. We dance in bare feet. Remember to bring water.