Twerking for all levels

Our twerk clases is a class for all levels, where you will learn different techniques and exercises in twerking. Twerk has roots that reach back to African tribal dance, but today is better known through music videos and dance shows combined with other styles.

The class is always on a level so everybody can keep up, even if you don’t have any experience with twerking or dancing. We dance to the same track and work on the same pole dance choreography for 4 to 8 weeks. You can start on this pole dance class anytime it suits you during the month, but please be aware that on the last week of the month we put together the different pieces of the dance we have been practicing during the month. A fun class that will make you sweat and elevate your mood.

What to wear: Loose pants/shorts or cotton leggings (making movements with the butt is harder if your pants are too tight) and a regular training shirt. We have bare feet or flat indoor shoes.