About us

High quality pole dance studio’s in Copenhagen

ElitePole consists of two pole dance studio’s in Copenhagen. We offer group classes daily in both studio’s in pole dance and pole fitness, which are our specialties, but we also offer daily classes of flexibility, strength, chairdance, aerial hoop training and much more. With our flexible schedules you can train every day, and as many people like to do, you can use our classes as your primary form of training instead of e.g. a fitness center.

Both our studio’s are inviting and welcoming and with our competent team of instructors with many well reputed educations and courses within this field, you are ensured a professional and highly skilled tuition where safety and professionalism are top priorities. At the same time we offer the best prices in Copenhagen for pole dance and pole fitness, as we feel that everyone should have the opportunity to experience this form of training as well as qualified and competent tuition. Therefore at ElitePole you can train for as little as 279 kr. per month.

Our core values

We have room for everybody! You are more than welcome regardless of your age, hair colour, size, sexual orientation, etc. We know that everybody’s different – and that this diversity makes Elitepole a cooler place to be part of.

We talk honestly and well mannered to and about each other. We solve any possible controversies by talking directly and clearly to each other, both among members and the staff. We never slander or disrespect each other nor people outside the studio.

We prioritize a safe progress for all pole practitioners with respect for individual talents and challenges. We know that progression in training can have different forms and we support both the people who train casually as well as the elite sports athletes.


We cooperate with the studio House of Concrete in Aalborg, which offer ElitePole students 10% on workshops and singleclasses and free sign up fee.
Contact House of Concrete for more details.