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Pole fitness in Copenhagen

At ElitePole we offer classes in pole fitness. Pole fitness is for everyone! In all of our pole fitness studios you will experience all age groups, sizes, genders and body types. Pole fitness classes in Copenhagen are suitable for everyone who would like to gain strength, balance, body awareness, flexibility and many other skills. Our instructors teach you how to perform all exercises with correct and safe technique, which you will learn at your own pace. We offer high quality teaching in pole fitness classes in Copenhagen all 7 days of the week, and our pole fitness classes are divided in different levels from very beginners to advanced classes. We have no expectations of your physical shape, strength or flexibility. The training is for everyone, and you will quickly gain strength throughout the whole body.

What is pole fitness?

Pole fitness is also well known as poledance, and it is a full body workout with a horizontal pole as the training equipment which can carry your body weight. Pole fitness as we know it today is fitness classes which can be compared with the fitness classes you know from the gym. Pole fitness has become more and more popular the past 15 years, and we have both male – and female instructors at ElitePole who are educated within the field, they have a high professionalism and many years of teaching experience. This is among the reasons why you are ensured high quality teaching at ElitePole.

Book a trial class to pole fitness in Copenhagen

As a pole fitness beginner you will start in our Pole Level 1 classes. When you have gained a solid fundamental strength and technique you can move up to Pole Level 2 and then Pole Level 3, which is our pole fitness classes for intermediates and advanced. In our pole dance choreography classes you will learn to link exercises on the pole fluently together to music. In some of our pole dance choreography classes the style is feminine and sensual and we dance in pole dance stilettos (for e.g. “Exotic flow” classes), while we in other pole dance choreography classes dance bare feet and the stile can be inspired by contemporary dance (Pole Art classes). In these classes we will work with music interpretation and choreography, while our Pole Level 1, 2 and 3 on the other hand focus on technique to exercises on the pole, gaining strength and fitness. If you are a pole fitness beginner we recommend you to sign up to a trial class and book a Pole Level 1 class.