Pole dance for beginners

ElitePole offers pole dance classes for beginners daily

Our pole dance classes for beginners is for those of you who have never tried pole before, or is an absolute beginner within pole dance and pole fitness

Everyone can join

In our pole dance classes for beginners you will build basic strength and basic pole dance techniques from the very beginning, and it’s absolutely not necessary to be strong, flexible, have a certain weight, age or anything else to start – everyone can join just as they are! Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone in the pole dance classes to begin with. A lot of people are starting to pole dance without knowing anyone at the studio when they start, but soon you will fast get to know new people and make friends. The environment is very friendly, supportive and welcoming. We are all in this together.

With our experienced and professional instructors you will be in good hands, and the pole dance classes will be teached on a basic beginner level. No experience with pole dance, other dancing, training or anything else is necessary, since you will learn everything from the beginning. There will be plenty of time to learn all the pole dance techniques and gain strength step by step in your own pace. Our beginner pole dance classes are called “Pole level 1”, and we offer these classes every day in all of our studios. Sign up here and choose from all of our pole dance beginner classes.

We are looking forward to seeing you.