About us

The leading pole dance studios of Copenhagen

All of our studio’s are situated in Copenhagen and provide the perfect facilities for pole dancing.

About the concept

We offer group classes daily in all of our studio’s in pole dance and pole fitness, but we also offer daily classes in flexibility trainingstrength buildingtwerkaerial hoop training and much more. Our flexible schedules offer more than 100 different classes every week. Therefore you can do as many others, and use our classes as your primary form of training instead of e.g. the fitness center. All of the ElitePole studio’s offer the same types of classes, the same quality in the physical environment as well as in the teaching, the same concept and experienced and educated instructors only. Our pole dance studios all have thoroughly renovated inventory and high quality equipment. Nevertheless each studio is unique and has different qualities for different tastes and likings.

Our concept is based on that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of pole dance and pole fitness training, when safety and competent tuition are top priorities. Therefore at ElitePole you can train for as little as 299 kr. per month., and we are proud to offer the most attractive prices for pole dance and pole fitness classes in Copenhagen and the largest supply of classes, which are teached by some of the best instructors in the country within their field.

Joy is a keyword in our concept, which also is based on that training should be both fun and effective, and that everyone should be able to join. Body positivity and inclusiveness of all body types, sizes, ages, nationalities, genders and sexualities is one of our cornerstones which is closely connected to our concept that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of pole dance as a training form.

Our core values

We have room for everybody! You are more than welcome regardless of your age, hair colour, size, sexual orientation, etc. We know that everybody’s different – and that this diversity makes Elitepole a cooler place to be a part of.

We always talk well mannered to – and about each other. We solve any possible controversies by talking directly and clearly to each other, both among members and the staff. We know that we all have a part in creating a positive environment, where it is nice to be around.

We prioritize a safe progress for all pole practitioners with respect for individual talents and challenges. We know that progression in training can have different forms and we support both the people who train casually as well as the elite sports athletes.