Pole fitness that preps you for a new level

Basic level 2 / Basic level 3

“Basic Level 2” and “Basic Level 3” er both transition pole fitness classes that we have on the schedule for shorter periods, when we have a lot of members that are moving from “Pole Level 1” to “Pole Level 2” or from “Pole Level 2” to “Pole Level 3”. In these pole fitness classes, we work on the basic pole fitness exercises that prepare you to the level you are about to be at. Common to both pole fitness classes is that you will prepare your pole fitness technique and strength for the level you are about to progress to.

If you take one of these pole fitness classes you are still allowed to train on “Pole Level 2” or “Pole Level 3” classes, depending on what level fits you the best. “Basic level 3″ and”Basic level 2” do not follow the same weekly focus as Pole Level 1, 2 and 3 do, instead these pole fitness classe have a fixed monthly structure with lots of repeating exercises as you need repetition to get the best foundation for the level you are about to enter. These types of pole fitness classes are centered  around strength exercises as well as fundamental technique.

What to wear: Regular training clothes that you feel comfortable in. Bring shorts. We train with bare feet..