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Covid-19 information

Restrictions from the danish government. Please read the following before you visit us:

  • You must have a valid Corona pas & show it to the instructor upon arrival. See information about the Corona pas on
  • In case you are excepted (fritaget) from above please inform the instructor upon arrival
  • You must disinfect your hands upon arrival
  • Keep distance as good as possible
  • We encourage you to arrive dressed and change at home after the training
  • Classes are temporarily only 50 min. because we disinfect the studio after each class
  • Please always bring a clean towel
  • Temporarily we do not provide spotting or any partner exercises
  • Temporarily we do not provide mats, yoga blocks, belts etc. We encourage you to bring your own mat
  • It is not allowed to share any equipment (like poles)
  • You are not allowed to enter the studio if you have any Covid-19 symptoms