Choreography class for all levels


“Chairdance” is a choreography class for all levels, and we use a chair as a prop. The style can be inspired from burlesque, moderne dans, showdance etc. You will learn movements on – and around the chair, and we will link the movements together to a fun dance that will make you sweat.

We dance to the same track and work on the same chairdance choreography for 4 to 8 weeks. You can start on this chairdance class anytime it suits you during the month, but please be aware that on the last week of the month we put together the different pieces of the dance we have been practicing during the month. This is a really good class to become more adapt at combining pole moves into a dance, get more in contact with your feminine side and challenge yourself with new – and fun movements.

What to wear: Basic training clothes and possibly something to protect your knees, such as knee pads.