Flexibility training for all levels

Flexibility class

“Flexibility” is a class that increases your metabolism, your flexibility, reduces stress, prevents injuries and helps clean out toxins in your body. Everyone can join regardless if they have trained flexibility before or not. Our flexibility classes are a combination of yoga, ballet stretching, gymnastic stretching, partner stretches, dynamic stretches and passive stretches. These classes are incredibly effective and countless of our members have achieved their front splits, middle splits and other flexibility goals, only by taking these classes.

During the class you will both be in movement and lay still in stretches, but it is a class that will make you sweat and leave the studio with the best feeling in your body. We have flexibility classes daily in all studio’s, and some members sign up exclusively because of these classes. We rotate daily between stretching middle splits, front splits, back, shoulders, etc. On our Facebook group for members we have our stretch plan attached to the top of the page, so you always can see what we are streching everyday in the future.

What to wear: Warm training clothes e.g. long training trousers, a t-shirt and a warm sweater (unless it’s summer and very hot). It’s also a good idea to bring something to protect your knees, such as knee pads or thick leg warmers.