Prices & memberships

The best prices for pole dance & pole fitness in Copenhagen

As a member of ElitePole you get a lot of training and many different classes for very attractive prices. Here you can get an easy overview of our different memberships and prices. All of our monthly memberships includes all of our different class types on the schedules. We are looking forward to training with you.

Monthly membership prices


DIBS membership
279Kr./Pr. month.
  • * Max. 5 bookings pr. month in 1 ElitePole studio


DIBS membership
349Kr./Pr. month.
  • * Unlimited training in 1 optional ElitePole studio


DIBS membership
449Kr./Pr. month.
  • * Unlimited training in all ElitePole studios's


DIBS membership
  • * Unlimited training in 1 studio and no binding

Other pricing options for training

Trial class

Single class
100Kr. pr. class
  • * Paid in cash at the studio
  • * Is refunded if you sign up for a membership at the studio right after the class

Single classes

5 bookings/classes
450Kr. pr. in total
  • * Payment by cash at the studio / by bank transfer
  • * Valid for 3 months from purchase date

Single classes

10 bookings/classes
800Kr. pr. card
  • * Payment by cash at the studio / by bank transfer
  • * Valid for 6 months from purchase date

Private lesson

1 hour duration
600Kr. pr. hour
  • * Payment by cash at the studio / by bank transfer
  • * Any cancellations must be at least 24 before

Other prices

Sign up fee

  • * One time fee which is charged on your first payment for a membership

Transfer fee

  • * Paid monthly for all PBS memberships every 1st of the month

Changing membership

  • * To be paid when changing from one type of membership to another

Membership on hold

  • * One time fee when you are putting your membership on hold

Prices for hen/stag parties & events

2-5 people

1000Kr. in total
  • + show 1300 kr. in total

6-9 people

150Kr. extra pr. pers. from 1000 kr.
  • + show 300 kr. in addition

10-13 people

1800Kr. in total
  • + show 2100 kr. in total

14-20 people

2300Kr. in total
  • + show 2600 kr. in total